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friends only!!!!!! ^^


u are on my lj ^^  and yes.... is only for friends ^^ if u want to add me, u must have something in common with me, check my profile, and if u add me and dont comment i just cant add u back... ^^ 
there some rules....
01.Present yourself, with some basic info about u and a photo

02.Where did u found me???

03.Why would u like to be friend of mine???

04.U had to comment often, at least for not cut u out

05. If u speak spanish as well, please comment in spanish as well

after this i will add u back

not really back....

ok, since a while i havent been here, and am glad about it, because am not depress anymore, and not everything make me sick more than i was...

why am not really back may u ask??? well for be honest this is a preliminar entry, why???, because am going to make a cut, yes i wil cut all the people who doesnt comment, or at least is going to be like that, and thats why this entry is going to be public, because if someone ask for friendship they will see this post XDDDDDD

now, why this desition??? because i dont want lazy or depressing entrys anymore, thats why, and well, maybe is my fault to, but it doesnt matter, because i realize so many things, and yeah i dont want to be friends of some of u anylonger, but am going to give the choice to comment here if u really had a good reason, of "please dont cut me"

i think thats all, please does who are going to comment please think slowly of what are u going to writte ^^


Core a Kagura album ^.^

my dears, still on hiatus, but still i read your journal, this entry will be public, because i make this download from my own album public ^^ and request of another server ^^

and because arrived today to my home u_u

Artist: Kagrra,
Album: Core
Genre: Neo-Japanesque
Release date: January 9, 2008
Size: 77 MB (320 Kbps).rar

Tracks : 10

01. 彩の讃歌
02. 雨情
03. 四月一日
04. 斬帝
05. 忘却の果ての凍えた孤独
06. 賽
07. 風の記憶
08. 神風
09. 雪恋詩
10. 新・百鬼夜行

Core - Kagrra, MU

Core - Kagrra, SS

*I use the Regular Front, because in my opinion is more beautiful

My personal opinion of this album, is quite great, is much better than Shizuku, it had better sound, and Isshi voice sound better than before ^^

PS. if u download this please at least leave a comment saying "thanks" ok?

FAN VID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

ok ok, i made a fanvid of Kagrra, yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!! *goes crazy*

i must to say than is pretty nice, only one thing, i couldnt use "Utakata" why???, because the person who upload the PV's, are damaged, so i didnt.... but... i use some scenes of KnS....... enjoy!!!!

FanvidCollapse )

comments are love ♥♥♥♥♥♥

P.S. dont ask why diferents users ^^U

the perfect song, was ........ the lyricCollapse )

P.S. upload on MU http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ITE3YY9Z

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